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  • Jason

    July 21, 2023 at 8:56 am

    I think we would be okay with leaving the dark finished edging along the hallway up to the post like you described, and then matching the edge of the top landing with the stair edges.

    I did pull back the top stair to try to plan ahead how to deal with these. The edges of the others steps appear to be rounded and unfinished, with a square edge past the spindles. And the spindles appear to be glued or epoxied into the railing at the top, so they don’t really budge at all. And the hand rail appears to be nailed into the post at the top, so it may be quite difficult to undo the spindles. I was planning on using the overlapping stair nosing from Flooret ( which is 2 inches wide and could cover up to the spindles to cover the cuts to get the plank around the spindles. But the bottom edge of that nosing only wraps around 1/2″, and the bottom edge sticks out almost 1 3/4″ as I show in my last picture. What are you thoughts on this part of it?

    Also is it possible to use underlayment under the planks one the stairs? Would I have to individually glue the underlayment and the plank to the stair?