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  • Jason

    July 17, 2023 at 1:44 pm

    Thank you! I managed to follow your video and got the cut right on my second try haha. The hole was a little too big with my first attempt. But that first bedroom on the right is now complete and looks great!

    I am now starting on the left bedroom (last in your blueprint) and had a question about the transition into that left bathroom. There is a 4 inch gap between the subflooring and the tile planks of the bathroom. How can I go about filling in this gap to give the edge of my LVP more strength? I planned on using the T transition piece from Flooret (picture attached, about a 3/4″ track), as this should do fine for the bathroom off the hallway and I’d only need one 6 foot piece from them to do both bathroom transitions. But unfortunately it looks like there will be about a 5/16″ drop to the tile, which from your videos is beyond the recommendation for a T transition. What are your thoughts? Any way to modify T transition so I don’t have to also order the reducer? Thank you so much!