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  • Tory

    July 15, 2023 at 2:07 am

    Hi Joe,

    So now that the bathroom is done, I’m afraid to admit that this “solo room” is the only room that I have completed quarter rounding. Unfortunately since I’ve had to put this project on the back burner since I’m trying to balance a million things while, thanks to you, I’m picking up these incredible skills for the first time, perhaps I should’ve asked this some time ago. I’m now at position 39:38 of my blueprint (, and due to all the stuff I’ll have to remove from the pantry when I finally get there, I’m more than sure my project will take me quite some time still. With that backstory and my 39:38 positioning with this transition-less (blueprint) install, does it make sense for me to wait until I’ve completed the non-eat-in kitchen, pantry, and laundry room (basically the entire project in short) before I begin to perform my non-bathroom quarter rounding, including the living room with the fireplace? Or are there non-bathroom “rooms” that you may recommend where I could lay the quarter round for shortly after completing a “room”? In this context, I’ve quoted “room” since outside of the bathroom, the whole downstairs is one big open floor plan (“room”) layout. In other words, I thought about putting down quarter round, for instance, after moving out the range/oven, but with so much more to do (pantry, laundry room, and installing the last row of the eat-in kitchen) and possibly the floor may later need to be “shifted” to close a future gap, I’m curious to see your thoughts here. Sorry for the winded backstory, but I wanted to ensure I properly communicated my “when to quarter round” question here.