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  • Craig

    June 8, 2023 at 10:47 am

    Regarding my most recent post with the mirror slider doors, the solution I chose was to attach the strip directly to the subfloor (I doubled the number of holes) but raised it a bit using washers. This allows the strip to support most of the weight of the heavy mirror slider door but I am confident the flooring will be able to float under the strip, if necessary.

    But I have another questions regarding the basement floor–I will be using the same planks (engineered SPC) and padding (blue QuietWalk). Two rooms and a hallway have a painted concrete floor (the paint is peeling a few places) that I am convinced was painted after carpet was removed. Pictures are below. The first picture is my main concern–see the penny–it is painted in the gap and the depth of the gap is about 1/3 of the penny inserted into it. I think much of the gap was filled sloppily, leaving it rough, with some of it above the floor level and some below, all painted over (third picture, an area one or two feed over from the first picture, maybe the thickness of a penny below and above floor level). The second and fourth picture show pits from the carpet tack removal along the edge, painted over (I’m not too concerned about this). The hallway has some rough parts that are raised and painted over (about a penny thickness high, two at the worst, fifth picture). The sixth and seventh picture are also in the hallway). In storage there is a partially used bag of “LevelQuik RS Self-Leveling Underlayment” that may be responsible for this mess before it was painted. Do I need to fill the crack in the first picture? If so, do I need to get the paint out of there first before trying to fill it? Also, do I need to try to grind down the other raised areas? I can try to take more pics if needed. Thanks.