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  • Gavin

    May 25, 2023 at 10:01 am

    Dear Joe,

    Thanks for you quick response. The direction I would like to go is E to W like you explained in the first part of the video. The Coretec product I sent you is the product I am using. I have it ready to go and am getting it acclimated. Once we have the blueprint I will be ready to go. The area to the top right is the wood deck. That is not part of the project. I used the glass sliding doors in a few places as I could not locate wood sliding doors. I’ve attached some pictures from when we bought the house. I will also send you a few videos that I have. I will get the specific pictures of the areas later today as I’m not at home now. I appreciate your assistance on this project. If I were to get you all the information you need. Is there any chance we could generate the blueprint sooner? If not, I understand. Again I appreciate your help in this project.

    Many thanks,