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  • Matt

    May 9, 2023 at 3:12 pm

    Thank you Joe. I appreciate the quick follow up. You’ve given me some good info to consider in terms of going over the top of the tile and considerations on the stairs. I’ll do some research on hardwood tread options. That would test my finish carpentry skills, but I would love the challenge. To answer a couple of questions from your video response.

    – I will be removing baseboards and painting so will be able to adjust to the new floor height

    – The person who did the tile did not undercut the door frames so there is still material there if I end up with a lower floor; I’ll just be left with a messy grout line to cleanup if the floor ends up lower

    – I am replacing the cabinets completely with standard height base cabinets so shimming them up to the new floor height is definitely an option

    – The height of the current tile and thinset is 1/2″; if I use the Mohawk product over the top, that would add another 1/2″ of total floor height on top of the tile

    – I live in Arizona so humidity is rarely a problem; the AC is running full tilt during July and August and those are realistically the only months where we get some humidity…

    One more question for you… Considering the stairs, is there a brand or product where the stair nosing is a better option in your opinion? We did look at Flooret Silvan (and loved it), but backed away due to total cost. If we saved on the tile demo, spending more on the planks is back on the table.

    I will follow back up once we’ve made the final decision on the material. Again, thank you so much. I appreciate and value your expertise on this big decision.😀