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  • Wes

    May 2, 2023 at 9:56 pm

    Ok, haven’t watched the blueprint vid yet, but I do believe the subfloor on either side of that doomed exterior wall are level with each other. New subfloor slid just under the bottom plate when we installed it. I went in and opened a small square of carpet and shot the laser through the window to it, as my laser says we’re good, I think.

    Interestingly (hopefully not alarmingly) my new subfloor is almost 1/2” higher at the east end than at the old house. It does seem to gradually make that change, so maybe just a by by-product of our process or who knows? Hoping that’s not critical. Seems to be matching where it matters.

    See photo…this is standing in that NE bedroom, looking down the hallway, into a bedroom of the old house. The door at the very back is to the hallway, so I’d say it is possible so grab a measurement from your desired hallway. May have to use a plumb bob and such, but we could figure that out if desired.