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  • John&Kate

    December 6, 2022 at 6:47 pm

    Joe, thanks for your replies. Especially for your Sunday note. I won’t make a practice of Sunday notes. Thanks for the shipping inspection suggestion. Weshipfloors price beat “local”. Local is from 95 (Home Depot) to 60 miles (Freeds) away in opposite directions. The earliest we receive our planks is after 28 Jan (I asked for plank delivery after that date (WSF was out of stock, agreed to honor their cyberweek sale in exchange for delivery in late Jan or Feb). (Joe, we tried placing a weekend order that didn’t go through as ‘not available’ – we sent a kind note on the website popup DM message, and were shocked receiving a phone call from the company owner on Sunday. He explained the situation in a manner that allowed us to close our modest order the next morning. I mention this to include in your calculus of recommendations. It’s a sample size of one. And they don’t control shipping.).

    (Joe we have life, 3 sinks, 3 countertops, and a shower to first work on before the planks.) Enjoy your holidays. Put this aside until mid-late January, at the earliest.

    Our house generally orients long-axis N-S, with the tuck-under garage, fireplace, and kitchen N, the loft S, and the front door facing E. Joists run E-W; but note from the photos that the ceiling material runs N-S, as does the hallway. So, we suspect that a plank floor orientation of N-S running parallel with the hallway and ceiling boards may yield the more pleasing aspect. To follow along, below, the floor planking is Project 4.

    Our Level 2 flooring Project 4 includes the 2 bathrooms, hallway with 2 closets, living room, kitchen, and 2 pantries. The subfloor is wood. Demolition includes carpet in the hallway, 2 closets, living room, linoleum in the bathrooms, kitchen and 2 pantries. We plan leaving carpet in the 2 bedrooms and their closets. The stairs from Level 2 to 3 are rough lumber with a carpeted landing – all remaining unchanged. This is not a large project. Given my inexperience, it’s Mt Everest – which is why we engaged your advice and coaching. In addition to the normal challenging points, working under the stairs will be tedious.

    Photo 1: note the ceiling boards, the stairs, hallway, the general long aspect, give a passing note to the storage crawlspace “triangle” on the E and W flanks of Level 3. (Level 3 is an open loft, carpeted outside of the crawl spaces, the loft has potential of a much later project. Much later.)

    Photo 2: note the ceiling boards, the kitchen backdoor (white), the stairway door (open),

    The optional project on Level 1. (optional if I have planks available and energy). Level 1 is a concrete slab. Level 1 is mostly carpeted; it’s an open bay with finished walls but open ceiling. The mechanical, laundry room, and closet floors are bare concrete slab that we intend to leave that way-2 slope to floor drains. The plank aspiration is a plank floor foyer at the busy area that includes the entry from the garage, bottom of the carpeted stairs (stairs will remain carpeted), the doorways to the laundry and mechanical room. Roughly its an imperfect 63ft sq rectangle ending at a right angle from the East trim on the walking door to the garage. This is an area of heavy traffic that should not have carpet. It’s the main traffic into the house, hauling groceries, laundry, and the driveway is 110 yards of gravel – grit from the garage arrives in the house. My wild aspiration is enclosing this basement ceiling using grooved carsonite N-S to flow with Level 2 & 3 ceilings . . . so this plank flooring is better if it also flows N-S, even though the foyer longer axis is E-W by a few inches. (Wild longer aspiration is adding a bathroom and bedroom/craft room in this basement – retaining the carpet.)

    Photo 3: note the ceiling boards, Project 3 is replacing the kitchen sink and countertops.

    Photo 4: note the ceiling boards

    Photo 5: note the joists E-W AND the more decorative N-S ceiling boards (grooved carsonite?), our 1st project is replacing this sink and countertop

    Photo 6: another photo of the main bathroom with this taken from the bedroom

    We spared you the bad photo of the master bath, our 2d project is replacing the sink, countertop, and shower.

    Find a screen shot of my small order. I was guessing when ordering the transitions. The WSF associate worked hard on being helpful; but my inexperience leaves me confused with transitions.

    We’re accumulating tools and have use of a friend’s guillotine.

    If you ask for better, more floor-oriented photos – we are able to provide those. We took the attached photos for using them to “store match” flooring . . . then watched your AudroMax video. Thank. You. Joe, without your videos it’s likely we would have hated our “bargain” purchase and the process. I was a relatively easy sell to Kate for updating the 4 out-dated kitchen appliances. I was not so easy with updating the sinks, countertops, shower, and my “warm” carpet. Your work tipped my attitude and enthusiasm. Thank you, again. “See you” in January.