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  • fatsia1234-lamu

    December 5, 2022 at 11:48 am

    Hi Joe —

    We will go with North-South installation starting on the west wall of the southwest bedroom. Thanks for showing us how that will minimize going backwards. We are not in any sort of rushso you don’t have to do the blueprint tomorrow if Wednesday or another day is better for you.

    I looked at the bifold doors again and found that the bases are actually screwed to the jambs so that is not an issue – I’ll just reinstall them up a bit.

    We had discussed how to finish off where the flooring meets the 3 thresholds. I have attached pics. First one shows threshold #2 that is only 1/2 inch high but the concrete cracked and caused that whole section to drop such that it is 1/4″ lower at the threshold than out at the floor on the other side of the crack. I assume I will need to fill the crack and make that whole area even with the rest of the floor. If I level up that section, the edge of the new flooring will be even with or probably just slightly above the edge of the threshold so do I replace the threshold with a higher one (like the others in the house)? Anyway, suggestions to repair this area?

    Pics 1, 3 and 3a show the other two thresholds in the house, which are a different type than #2 and are 1″ high so the flooring would be well below their edge. I have matching 3/4″ quarter-round that would have to be cut down to around 1/2″ to fit but you had mentioned just filling the gap with caulk. Using caulk, how do you make it look good?