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  • fatsia1234-lamu

    December 1, 2022 at 11:12 am

    Hi Joe — Thanks for responding so fast. Word file attached. Also, I would like to pay the additional $100 for a blueprint.

    I have watched your videos many times over many months as I have prepared to do our floors. I think I would start on the south (bottom of drawing) wall but maybe north wall? Besides all the doorways/transitions my biggest concern is connecting the top and bottom ends of the living room and kitchen. The hallways are very short.

    I am using Ambient Rigidcore SPC Strand Plank, 3′ x 5″, with long tongue on top, end tongue is on left. Total around 1800 sq.ft. I am hoping to do as few transitions a possible but have enough T moldings for all the various doors in case I can’t. I also have matching quarter round for the 3 thresholds as there was no better transition available. I have a couple weeks left where I can return any T moldings I don’t need.

    The strand bamboo wear layer has a Janka over 5000 so apparently I have to do all cuts with a fine-tooth blade. I’m removing the molding and will put it back up after the flooring is down.

    Anyhow, please let me know if this file is satisfactory.

    Thanks, Jonathan