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  • trenah.bader

    November 28, 2022 at 3:00 pm

    Got it!

    Makes good sense now.

    Next point…. End cap vs t moulding vs reducer vs no transition.

    Spoke with my carpet layer and asked his opinion. He installs lvp as well… and he said the way he’s been doing it the last few years is no transitions at all. And he said cut the ends of my plank and make a dang straight line and then he can use a z metal or something (not sure the name) and basically tuck the carpet up to the ends of my lvt and not use a transition at all. I know my lvp is thinner than the carpet and padding, so I assume a reducer would be best if I do a transition. Should I cut my planks straight, try to get by not using a transition and come back if I want to down the road when he gets here to do carpet and add a transition if I’m not liking how the two come together?


    Thanks again!