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  • jon.weitzel

    November 14, 2022 at 8:48 am

    Thanks Joe. I will use the string method to verify and then just go from there. The planks went together really well, so I would agree its likely my line not the planks.

    When I get down the road a bit I have a couple of questions.

    1. My fireplace is brick all the way to the concrete. I think I saw a video you did talking about undercutting the brick so the plank slides under. I have a 4″ grinder with a diamond blade. I imagine this is just as messy/dusty as grinding humps out of concrete?

    2. Any tips on moving heavy furniture up on to the new plank? Plank will be going under our fridge and washer and dryer and I don’t want to damage the edges or top on the new plank getting them back into place. Have you tried any methods to avoid damaging the new floor?

    I wont be in these areas for a couple days so no hurry on the response. Thanks for the quick response on the other questions.