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  • jon.weitzel

    November 7, 2022 at 7:04 pm

    A few more to questions.

    1) See attached photos. Can these cabinet bottoms and toe kicks be undercut? Would like to avoid quarter round if possible.

    2) I am all prepped in the master but struggling to get started. I ordered the adjustable spacers you recommended but after rewatching your “how to install your first rows” video I am unsure of which method to use. Is is better to pre-cut you first row using a snapped line as a guide and the adjust spacers to keep that first row in place as you build, or use the method in your video where you start away from the wall a couple rows and screw in the temporary blocks to have a secure foundation to build off of? Im not sure why this holding me up but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I also noticed in a video you run your underlayment seems parallel to you plank? I assume the recommendation to run it perpendicular isn’t that necessary?

    3) Can you speak to how many lines I should snap and where in the different rooms to keep my planks straight through the whole house. With so many different and large connected rooms I don’t want to get out of whack. I know with tile you can fudge grout lines slightly if you need to make adjustments once you get started but with planks there seems to be no such thing. If I do get out into a big room and find out I’m going to be crooked by the time I get to the other side of the room is there any way to “adjust” once you start laying or does this all need to be identified and adjustments made in the initial measurement and line snapping layout?

    Lastly. If you haven’t noticed I really think things through, probably too much, and likely will have more questions. Would you prefer questions in video format or is this written format preferable?

    I have all the furniture out of our master bedroom so my wife is definitely hoping I can get that done sooner than later!