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  • afdarsey

    November 4, 2022 at 5:07 pm

    Good news I have started the demo, we have a business and market each week and part time jobs so the floor got pushed into November. I cannot say how good I feel about the blueprint and your prayers for success. Thank you. Here are some questions.

    The living room is 198” and half puts me at 99” to pop my line down the middle of the room. My cheat sheet looks like 10 planks are 86.3/4 and 20 are 173.1/2 at 198 I am at almost a full plank and in the door way at the double doors. The bathroom doorway was a surprise looks like they layed 3/4 plywood down on top of the subfloor so it steps up from the hallway by 3/4”. So what are your thoughts on the bathroom transition and also around the wood stove. The wood stove tile is about 7/8” off the subfloor. See photos. I have looked at the Schluter transitions and will look again now that i know the 7/8”jump around the wood stove and the 3/4” jump at the bathroom door. Maybe I need one there as well. Have a great weekend.

    Lastly when you measure a room do you go under the sheet rock and bring it back toward you 1/4”? Also I am putting down the quite walk lv underlayment and following their instructions. Looks like it floats under the plank and should not be taped to the sub floor. Only the seems are taped. fyi using life proof lvp how important is it to bring in the flooring before installing. Our barn where the pallets of plank are is about the same temp as our house we are not running ac currently.

    Thank you and take care with faith, love and hope.