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  • afdarsey

    October 4, 2022 at 11:55 am

    Joe, you can call me Frank my middle name is Francis. Great video, you and your family are very welcome. I love having your experience guiding me through this project. This is precisely the guidance I needed to have this go smoothly. Here are the answers to the questions. I have also included some pics.

    You have the direction correct North is at the top of the blueprint.

    <font face=”inherit”>On direction I wanted to go east west or west east. I thought it looked best. See picture with super imposed planks. (there is tile under and around wood stove not </font>visible<font face=”inherit”> in super imposed picture) I like the last option you gave starting in the family room and working north. This will give me room to slide </font>furniture<font face=”inherit”> and appliances over to once the family room has been done. </font>

    <font face=”inherit”>I was not planing to go into the hot water heater closet but if you think draining and lifting the hot water heater is </font>possible or worth it looking nice<font face=”inherit”> I will consider. The transition in that closet is cut in half and looks odd. The 2 boxes in the master and the one box in the spare bed room are closets. The larger closets in both have double folding doors and the smaller one in the master has one folding door. </font>

    <font face=”inherit”>Demo</font>

    <font face=”inherit”>We have carpet and pad on top of (tack board) wood </font>sub floor<font face=”inherit”> in all rooms except for the </font>kitchen (linoleum)<font face=”inherit”> and the laundry room (vinyl stick on tile). See picture of transitions from carpet. In theory the sub floor is solid except for one spot in the laundry room. I anticipate cutting out and replacing it. I am guessing you will instruct to remove the </font>linoleum<font face=”inherit”> and </font>stick on<font face=”inherit”> tile from kitchen and the laundry room. I am looking forward to removing the giant white quarter round from under the kitchen cabinets. I do like your idea of pulling all the baseboards and putting them back. That looks </font>professional instead of quarter round. This house was built in 1987 and the baseboards are 3″. I will have to get creative with the table saw and cut a 3 1/4 store bought piece if I break any baseboards while pulling them off. We shall see how that goes. Lastly how would you transition to the tile around the wood stove? The tile slopes on the edge and is not square. Will the plank butt up against it and will that look good? I have purchased the tools you have recommended for the job (bump block, pull bar and even the small plainer. I have the plank sitting on pallets in the barn outside. I bought the wicking quiet pad you recommended. I have a 12″ chop saw and a 10″ table saw I thought I would use for the plank cutting. Both have finishing blades (high tooth count) on them. Just thought of this should I spray something on the sub floor once I pull the carpet and pad? Bleach, peroxide? Our dogs have accidents and the owner before us had dogs too. My thought was if something is growing on the sub floor giving it a light spray then letting it dry before putting down the pad and plank.

    Let me know your thoughts and any other questions you have. I have years of projects here at our place this is the largest one. Thank you again, take care.

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