Welcome to Laminate University

Here is a short video to show you around the place. 


There are 5 things you need to base your installation off of and here they are-

Where to start-

be sure that you watch the where to start video. This video will help you figure out a starting point and it will help you be sure that your planks fall exactly how you want them too. This will be the difference between a professional looking installation and an installation that looks terrible.

Build a solid foundation-

When you get your layout done you are ready to install the first few rows. This is going to be the foundation of your entire installation. You want to be sure that you get these rows positioned correctly to your layout. You want these to be perfectly straight so your planks go together easily. If it is not straight then the entire installation will be a battle.

I have a video that will walk you through these steps. Be sure to watch it. It is installing the first few rows.

The same strategy will apply when you move into multiple rooms. You won’t be completely starting over but you will need to be sure to build off of what you have already installed. Watch my videos on installing into multiple rooms and you will be set.

Securing the floor-

This is a very important step to follow. If you don’t have a floor that is properly secured then your floor will move and it will become difficult to get the planks to go together properly.

I have put together a couple different ways to do this and I use both all the time. DON”T use spacers along the walls to secure the floor. Use my methods and you will have success. I have a couple of videos you should watch on securing the floor and then you can choose which you like best.

Working Backwards-

If you want to avoid transitions this is something you will need to learn. Most installations have some areas that you will also need to do this. So what is it?

Well there is a certain way to install planks and it is usually the male tongue needs to be inserted into the female groove. When you work backwards it would be the female groove is inserted into the male tongue(which is more difficult).

I have several videos that will show you some different methods that you can use in these situations. the videos on Installing into multiple areas is where you will find most of these methods.

Plane and Glue-

This is a method that I use in many situations such as in closets, doorways, under cabinets, the last few rows and ect.. This method is one you will use for sure.

Watch my video on how to install in difficult areas. It is a must watch.

If you follow these 5 basic things that I have stated above you will have a successful installation. If you have any questions I will be here to help guide you through.